Monday, December 31, 2012


 Here are the CATS!!!  They stay on the bed when we visit, come out only at night.  Away from Luci,  they run, so she considers them fair game   :)
 Look who we saw at Macy's at Washington Square!!  We walked and walked.  Lots of sales there. Guess they are trying to get rid of their inventory prior to the new year??
Then we went to WoodBurn to the Outlet Mall, and everyone else in the world was there too!!  We scored a good parking spot, but geez, there were LOTS of people there  They have the most wonderful tree, with HUGE balls and ornaments.
Today Janmarie has to work :( then we are going to visit people tomorrow, New Year's Day.  Was afraid that stores might be closed, so plan to visit, if anyone is home... Where would they go? Well suppose they could be visiting too!!!!
Take Care All & God Bless
Have a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year!!!


  1. oh, wow... Brad Pitt and those cats! beautiful.... and well, little Luci...

    Happy New YeaR!

  2. Heck, i'm dreading going to the grocery store,,,,lol

  3. Neat photo...two sets of head lights, very cool. You have a Happy New Year, Loree, and enjoy.

  4. Trying to avoid stores. Way too many people out there. Happy New Year.

  5. Brad Pitt advertising Chanel #5. Now that's news to me. Went to the grocery store today and it was fine but I wouldn't dare go anywhere else. Happy New Year.