Sunday, January 27, 2013


What a dreary, dreary day!!! From what i can read on the Blogs, it is dreary in lots of places this week-end...  Have done practically NOTHING...  Did go out and pick poop..Yay, THAT is when i should have gone for a walk, but didn't.  Have been working on a new doily, that i had a difficult time figuring out how to do and once AGAIN, if one (such as me) would just read & follow the directions, then it would come together as it is supposed to, but let's just skip a part, or skim over it, knowing full well how it is supposed to go, then flounder about for a couple of hours doing the wrong thing before actually going back and reading it through bit by bit to figure out what a person may be missing :)  BUT got the first rose done correctly, so now the other two should follow along in good order  :)
Also working 'word searches' don't know if i ever mentioned it before, but LOVE doing these, find it relaxing and mind filling at times..... except the times i am SURE there is really no 'F' or 'W' or whatever letter i can't find in the darn thing!!!!
Also watching the SAG award red carpet.. don't know why, but do like the award shows and seeing all the pretty dresses and the misses at times.... Wow, some are just wonderful and the jewels.... one actress had earrings on that were worth a million dollars, really, they were BIG diamonds, but really??
Dallas later tonight for TWO hours,  yes, i am an old diehard Dallas fan... My friend even got me a Dallas t-shirt at one time when she was there visiting friends....  Love me my JR going to miss Larry Hagman!!!! Did not everyone grown up with I Dream of Jeanie????!!!!  There was a time i would not do anything on Friday nights.. HAD to be there to watch when Dallas came on....
Having problems with the computer too, so working it in Safe Mode...wonder how long that will work?  Internet is really fast on Safe Mode..... Just trying to get it to do what it is supposed to know like turn on would be nice.....
Hope all is well, Take Care and God Bless All


  1. I absolutely LOVED I Dream of Jeannie. Never did watch Dallas.

    Dreary here today also.

  2. You will have to post a picture of your doily. I am in awe! Can't imagine ever having the patience for that. I did do alot of cross stitch in my 30s, 40s, and some in my 50s. My eyes are not what they used to be. I love word searches too.....have spent many hours doing them. We drove from Tucson to San Diego today.....quite a ride on I-8. it was foggy, rainy, windy, and going over the Santa Rosa Mts was a little scary. I am happy to be here!

  3. Sometimes if I am reading a pattern, I miss something and need someone else to read it. Then they find right off what I have missed, frustrating but at least I know I do it!

  4. oh rats... I missed Dallas. yeah sleepy weekend around here too .. SIGH

    really liked Larry Hagman ...

  5. I only watched Dallas two or three times so I never got hooked on it but I do think those night time soap operas were a lot preferable to this "reality" show stuff they have one now.