Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Granola & Garage

 This granola has buckwheat and quinoa in it, with the normal coconut oil and this time maple syrup.  Brian says there are too many 'little' things in it. Probably meaning the quinoa...AND i forgot to leave out the dried fruit until after the baking, and it got hard/tough. I always have to learn the hard way. This stuff is expensive to make, too. BUT after you get all the grains they make lots of different batches, it is not like you use it all in one batch.  The coconut oil is $10+ for a pint but it has lasted for 3 batches, only 1/2 cup per batch  That is a good thing.
 This is the garage b4 starting.....
This is half done.  It is cold out there!!! It has been good for me too as i have gone thru boxes that i had out there, making decisions on what to do with things..... Just sitting on a shelf is not a good thing for some of the things... if nothing else can add to the Goodwill box.  Just keep thinking that maybe, just maybe i would need whatever it is at some time in the future, then be without what might have been needed.  See, how convoluted this thinking is....
Take Care all....  God Bless


  1. That is why we are waiting to start on our garage it is too cold out there.

  2. If had had only a garage - I wish. We had a HUGE barn and two sheds. Sigh....the only way to stop the packrat is to keep him on the road with NO space to put one more thing.

  3. I made "pretend healthy" ganola bars today. I say pretend because by the time you get everything in them, they are probably 250 to 300 calories a piece, unless, of course, I cut them into really small pieces.......

  4. The Granola looks good! No comment on the garage:)

  5. Do you have a Winco near you? I happened to notice they had a pint of coconut oil for $6.42 here. Worth checking into if you have one nearby.