Monday, January 21, 2013

Half Done

Got half the garage done!!!  It was a little hard for him (Brian) making all those decisions.  Which i fully understand.  I have the same problem, so did not push him too much.  He kept taking things into his room, don't know WHERE he is putting stuff, it is pretty full already  :)  Pathetically little amount of things in the Goodwill box.... I got some new boxes for him to use, which he refuses to do..??? Why not???  I want all of those raggedy falling apart boxes thrown away, start afresh with a nice, clean, sturdy box.  Why is that a difficult concept?  So we spar about that...  There was lots thrown away tho.  I mean when u have not seen something for 10 years one would think, it was pretty much disposable. BUT, apparently it is like receiving a new gift, a cherished object that we did not know we were missing  :)
SO, it is slow, BUT it is getting done..
This is a good thing
I am still going thru boxes of doodads from the RV
He even found a box of dishes he got at a yard sale in 1999, some of them are "Bauer" which he did not know what they were upon buying them, just lucked out (stoneware marked Los Angeles)
Well, need to go, i have 3 loads of clothes on my bed from the dryer, i NEVER do that, fold as i go, but wanted to be available and helpful in the purging endeavor...haha

Take Care & God Bless All


  1. We haven't started on the garage, but the house is done. After going through it and throwing some away, the girls taking what they wanted 9 boxes went to Goodwill. I am NOT saver, but Art is so we have little disagreements on what to keep, or at least we used to. Now we have to throw away, no room in the rv.

  2. I know I have items I haven't seen in a few years, but if I start packing things up to dispose of I will probably keep half of them,

  3. We emptied one house last year at this time. Sorted, gave away, donated and threw away lots of stuff. Then in the spring we had a huge rummage sale. Just a few more boxes of photos to sort through this spring then we are at a livable level of stuff!!! Much success with your project!

  4. That's one lucky son of yours. You have the patience of a saint. Great line about a cherished inns t we didn't know we were missing. LOL

  5. Always hard to get rid of stuff, even if you are not a saver. I create rules around to help. If I have not used it in one year, it can go!

  6. Purging is hard. Look in my closets and you'll agree.