Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Fight

Ever since we came back home, LUCI has been trying to exert herself as lead dog in the house.  Day b4 she was sitting with her nose in the corner and growling, yet looking back over her shoulder to see if anyone (Carl) was watching.  What is that??  Have to watch her as she 'postures' all stiff-legged, looking back over her shoulder at him. Eventually he reacts.  Last night he had enough of it and got her down on her back, which does not take much of a move on his part, and was just going after her-growling, mouth wide open around her neck!!! was a fearsome sight.  Now i don't really think he would hurt her!!!  But it sure looks like he is going to.  And he has the ability & wherewithal to do damage if he wanted to.  Just putting her in her place.  She had slobber all over her stomach, and was shaking and crying, SO traumatic & dramatic, you know... made her get in her bed and stay there for a good half hour.  Carl went about his merry way, she was out of the way for awhile.  I think food was involved too in the fray.  Brian and i were both feeding ourselves :)  and doglets were waiting expectantly.  Both of them probably thought the other was too close...oh well.....  I just have to watch better and pay attention to what is going on in the living room!!!!
Take Care All... hope you have a calm day.....


  1. Dogs are such a hoot! They're antics are so funny...

  2. Scooter only did that once to Skittlez. Not sure what happened. Now she does guard the meat if it's sitting on the kitchen counter. But she isn't as big as Carl. Hope Luci has recovered from her trauma.

  3. Boy that sounds scarey. But maybe now she will think twice about growling at him. Poor little girl.
    We are going to have some really cold weather here and Fred's sweater wasn't quite as heavy as will be needed so I bought him a ski jacket today.