Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bean Stew

This idea was on The Chew yesterday but I added my 'stuff'  It smelled really yummy cooking and tasted good too!!!
extra virgin olive oil in pan.  Chop  an onion and a carrot into small pieces, put in pan... added turkey kielbasa (the kind that comes in a ring, sort of) cut into bite size pieces... salt and pepper liberally.  add fresh chopped parsley.. cook until veggies are tender. Add 1/2 bottle white wine, I had pino grigio already opened in the frig  :)  two glasses (8 oz glass) of water, also added 2 tablespoons Superior Touch BETTER THAN BOULLION chicken base.  One can white beans and one can red beans, rinsed & drained,  then simmered for 45 min to an hour...cook down that wine  :)
Have a happy and healthy evening!!!


  1. Yum....I'm gonna print this! Thanks for sharing.


  2. OH that looks good and next week we are going to have another cold spell. That will be a nice warmer upper for sure. Thank you for sharing.

  3. That sounds really delicious, and easy to make as well.