Friday, February 22, 2013

Guilty & Nasty!!!

Now, I ask you???  Doesn't he look guilty, ears all back and all??

He wanted outside.... then he peed on Brian's ash tray, see the 'water'???  Hahaha, told Brian that is what Carl thought of his smoking!!!!!  It is what I think the nasty habit..... But Mom doesn't know anything....  He has a little 'station' outside to do the dirty deed, or he goes into the shed, or even the garage, altho that is treading a little too close to the line.... AND there is nothing as ferocious as a reformed sinner!!!  As I, too, used to smoke, who didn't at one time or another?  But have not for over 30 years....
But when we went out to look at the deed, Carl knew he had done something that was not to be condoned......  Have you seen those pictures of shaming your dog of their wrongdoing??  They are funny, Carl fits right in there!!!!  He certainly acted guilty!!!  and it was FUNNY!!!
Take Care All

Oh, got the new computer updated by Cousin john in Texas, don't ask how that happened, it just did, thru a TeamView program,  it was cool,  that cursor just bounced around, doing all the things I suppose it was supposed to be doing, with someone knowledgeable in charge.  Now I have all my contacts and pictures and documents... It is a VERY good thing and John is the bomb!!!!


  1. I am not so sure-I think he might be trying to express his innocence:)

  2. HAHAAaaaa... right on, Carl... oh man that's funny ...

    I think you're right everyone back in the 'old' days smoked ... it was coooool... but nowadays? I just don't understand why the kids do so...

    jeeeeeez that's cute. If I give you credit can I use that picture? my sentiments exactly about smoking... if I wouldn't get arrested ... I'd pee on the trays outside too... ~!~

  3. John is the bomb and so is Carl. Tell him he has nothing to feel guilty about. Poor Carl he was expressing a very valid opinion. His, yours and mine :-)

  4. Carl is adorable. Frankly, I
    applaud his efforts, I have
    never smoked but my Mom did
    "alot" and I hated it. Gave me
    such a headache.

  5. That is so funny, and how could you fault an intelligent animal for showing his distaste for such a filthy habit. And I was a long time smoker and should have had someone do this to my ashtray!

  6. I'm sure Carl is sick and tired of second hand smoke, and was trying to tell Brian something. Brian should take note. And tell him I said so!!!!

  7. LOL. Way to go Carl! Reformed smokers (me included) are tough on current smokers. Takes all I have not to harrangue my son who smokes.