Sunday, February 24, 2013


Going to go to the beach tomorrow with a friend.
 Luci is really pissed at me.  I put the flea stuff on her back and try as she might, she could not get it off.  Don't know how she knows what is in that little container, but as soon as I get the packaging out, off she goes and I have to run her down.  She is sulky, won't look at me and slinks around the house...
Am busy trying to remember all the things a person needs to do and pack before  they take off. How is this relaxing?  Then will have to drive around Mt Hood (go up to The Dalles, then down the Columbia River to Portland) as there is supposedly LOTS of snow in the mountains, even tho it did not get down here at all.  the transportation  site showed bare pavement, BUT there is supposed to be more tomorrow and we are two old ladies, who are not going to thrill seek that way  ;0
SO if I can't find any WiFi will not have anything on here for a couple days or so.....
Take Care All, God Bless


  1. Enjoy!

    I pups dont like the flea stuff either!

  2. pissing yer dog off now and then keeps 'em humble....

    have a wonderful time!

  3. Have fun Loree. Your post reminded me I took Poppy's flea medicine out of her kit to put on her and then I forgot to do it. Now she hasn't had her med and I left it at home on the table. Grrrr.. Will have to find a local vet I guess and get another dose.

  4. Hope you get to the beach without having to go through any snow. Will be looking forward to some west coast beach pictures. Luci will get over it in a day or so. Or is she a big grudge carrier? :-)

  5. wonder if something in the drops irritates her skin?

    Have a fun trip

  6. Have a safe trip and enjoy. I will look forward to your account of it plus pictures. I have always turned south when I get to the vicinity of the Dalles, but next time I may just continue west and see what that is like.