Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Chloe

Isn't she a cute one???  my grand - niece,  little Chloe, two years old and in pre-school now, getting so grown up, time sure does fly!!!  It is really special when we get to spend time with her, busy, busy.

Took my windows 8 class tonight, hmmm, just don't know about this.. think I need to sit here and poke around in programs and see how it goes, but I do know a little (tiny) bit more, and am not encouraged  :(

Take Care All & God Bless


  1. She certainly is a cute one!!

    I bet you'll be an expert in Windows 8 before you know it. Hang in there. I'm still working with 7.

  2. Chloe is just as cute as a bugs ear.

  3. She is a cute little bugger!! Good luck with Windows 8

  4. Chloe is a lovely name and she is darling. I really sympathize with you about Windows 8, I've been avoiding it but it's getting harder and harder to do. Hope you can give us all some pointers when you figure it out.

  5. two whole years old... hahaa.. what a little todo... sooooo cute!

  6. Be patient with will become familiar the more you more you use it.

    Chloe is a doll. Love that age!