Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spa Day

A friend of mine is learning to do 'spa' things... and I am the 'training body'  :)  I KNOW  fun huh?  Today I had an exfoliating brush, then partial salt scrub and something with seaweed and MUD and wrapped all warm for 20 minutes while I laid there and relaxed and she massaged my head.... had a wax treatment on my hands, made them all soft, feels so good for aches and pains in hands (which I really don't have a lot of, but still felt really good).  Then was washed down with hot towels...hmmmm... it was very nice.  All with soft music and tinkling water, cool lemon water to sip on.  Can't wait for when she wants to learn something else.  There is something " massagie" with hot stones she said.
AND the weather is excellent, even sat outside with the dogs for awhile while they did their thang!!!  and it was actually pleasant, not really what I would call warm, BUT definitely NOT cold. They like it when I watch, I think it is just my presence they crave  :)
Take Care All


  1. I want to volunteer!! Sounds like such a wonderful time. And you will love the hot stones. One of the gals here in our park is training to be a Reflexologist and I get to be her guinea pig. I can hardly wait.

  2. I used ot get massages with hot stones.....very nice and warmy and relaxing.

  3. I confess I have never had a spa treatment or even a massage, but that sounds like too much hands on for me:)