Sunday, February 10, 2013

Walk in the Sunshine!

Have been wanting to walk along this irrigation canal for some time, finally just did it.  Lots of smells for Luci 

 Look at how these people made their fence.  LOTS of rocks around here!!!
 Here is the canal itself, with NO water,  they only run in the summer and once a month for people who have cisterns.  We had one of those when we 1st moved to Redmond in 1960, geez!!!  what a royal pain that is... cleaning it out in the Spring and rationing in the winter, (I got to bathe 1st, don't know why, don't remember having a fit  :)  but could have happened) not even to mention when the pipes would freeze and there was no water at all for days on end...  THAT was particularly fun for a teenage girl!!!
The pictures are not going on here the way they are supposed to  :(
There was a pretty kitty we saw too, but looked as if it was not very well cared for, so wondered if it might have been wild, just sat and watched us..  Luci not to excited.  Boy she sure craps out when we get back, tired and sleepy girl, but then she is probably walking 5X as far as I am!!
Take Care All......


  1. Glad you got out for some fresh air and exercise!
    I have trouble with pictures sometimes too....they just don't do what I want them to!

    Until next time.....enjoy!

  2. And she's moving four legs to your two so that's more muscles involved. Or she's just a doxie and that says it all.

  3. Oh yeah, I remember cistern days when I was in high school. Some days it got ugly!!!!

  4. Just look at all that sunshine. Looks like a nice place to walk.