Sunday, March 10, 2013


Been working on my bedroom closet becuz I am going to put wire shelving in there on a half of the closet, I don't have that many hanging things and need more space for flat things. Also was an excuse to get in there and see what was in there :) and what I no longer needed, LOTS of 'stuff' all the yarn went into a big bin and to the shed until needed.  Think I am going to make more granny square afghans with yarn I already have, there should be enough there to do several!!!
Had to re-arrange, move thing and clean.  Now I am going to find the studs, so that lovely little chore will be out of the way, WHY do I have so much trouble doing that?
take care all........
My jewelry box was NOT in there...where do you suppose I put it???


  1. You need to go get you one of those stud finders. NOT that kind. The one that finds the studs in the wall.

  2. Re: your jewlry box You probaby put it in a safe place. Bet Lucy knows where it is.

  3. I always put stuff I know I will need in a place that is easy to find - yeah, right!!Now if I could just remember what I thought was easy!! Hope you locate your jewelry box. I like you closet idea - I may borrow that.