Sunday, March 31, 2013

HAPPY Easter!!!

 Got up this morning & noticed these blooming this morning, NOW, how do they know it is Easter?  These are the same ones I took a picture of a couple days ago, that I had the 1st one blooming...
 Now the ones out by the tree are also in bloom....
 As are the ones in front of my bedroom window, in front of the house....
 Just planted these and the ones below today,  LOVE the primrose. and if I am lucky, they come up year after year..... I had one even blooming in the snow at the other house in Bend!!!
Thought these were really a pretty color.....  had some yellow ones where I lived at in the trailer park (oops, mobile home) that a friend gave me and they honestly bloomed ALL the time!!!!  Even were it just one bloom!  All the time!!!
Have a blooming day and Happy Easter!!!!
Take Care & God Bless and Peace be with you!!!!!


  1. Thanks Loree!
    Your flowers are so pretty...

  2. Happy Easter to you Loree...thanks for sharing a lovely Easter bouquet with us.

  3. Happy Easter! Your flowers are beautiful. I saw some Easter Lillies blooming today too, when we went to get the memory foam. I sure hope that bed sleeps better tonight. :)

  4. beautiful photos of lovely flowers.


  5. I hope you had a Happy Easter. Love your beautiful spring blooms! I have to say, I DO miss my bulbs - I had a bunch of them, and always looked forward to seeing them come up every year. I sure do like seeing yours. :)