Friday, March 8, 2013

Not Far....

Oh, we have done nothing else on the yard, it has been cold, cold,cold, awoke this morning at 7:30am to heavy snow and 2 inches on the ground, but by the time I actually got up, it had stopped and was rapidly melting, but just made all of that dirt, muddy, wet, icky, so we are letting it 'dry out'  :)
Went to stamp club yesterday, cleaned house later in the day, dogs in and out.
Finished another afghan today.  Went to grocery store.  Very dull, everyday sort of stuff!!!
Take Care All...


  1. Every day stuff sounds better than slogging in the mud:)

  2. That's life isn't it Loree?? No matter where we are we still have the "dailys" to keep us busy.

  3. That doesn't sound dull to me! Sounds like you are a busy lady. Stamp club sounds like fun, I would have liked that before I started full-timing. I had tons of stamps and all the papers, etc. It all went in the estate sale. I hope someone is having fun with it. :)

  4. What was routine daily stuff for you, was good reading for me. The stamp club broke up the mundane a bit it sounds like.

  5. Sorry about the cold and mud. You are making the best of it though. How are the muddy dog paws??