Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 Here is the monster machine....  I remembered I had a hair apt and was not here!  When I got back it was all done, only took him about an hour, now, apparently we need to rake it and get all the weed/roots/rocks out of it...   joy.....
 Just looks like fluffy dirt right now, Luci walked out in it and sunk in to her tummy, she was distressed  :)
 Yep, it is dirt.....
Here is Luci all tucked in... OH, we woke up this morning and there was snow on the ground!!  Come on, I am ready for Spring, we even have a crocus blooming and the primrose are ready to burst.  We are ready......
My hair is lookin good and I am hair free on the upper lip & eyebrows are stylin'  HA!!!
Take Care All!!!!


  1. I luv seeing Luci ... kills me

    I'm heading toward daffodils! if they aren't coming to me? I'm a going to them... I mean it ~ a tulip too

    boo hiss on winter

  2. What goes into the freshly tilled earth? flowers? grass seed? Looks like the big job is still ahead and you're gonna be plenty busy!

  3. Great picture of Luci!! But grass??? You'll just have to now it. :-(( Why not fill it with veggies and flowers? At least it will be fun to take care of. Sorry about the snow. 2 weeks to spring

  4. Luci looks so snuggly - I do the same thing with Katie, cover her up so she's all "nested" in her bed.

    You have such energy! Going through all that dirt looking for rocks and roots will really be a job, but of course it can be done slowly. I think I'd make squares of the whole yard and do a square at a time. Your soil is going to be so good for planting when you're done. :)

  5. It looks like you have a lot of back breaking work ahead of you!!!