Monday, March 11, 2013

The Dumps

Well the dump does not accept sod, can you believe?  Rocks and dirt, but not sod, they referred me to Bar Seven A...a trucking company that recycles wood, they also do yard stuff and SOD-  Well sod it!!!   Apparently I had a conversation at some point with Brian, where he raked the yard and I would put the raked stuff in the pick-up, well that is pretty hard..... AND the pick-up would not start so it had to go on the charger for awhile.... it was one thing after another, then took the load to the new place at 4:15p..they are there from 7a to 3p...SO went home, took a shower as had dirt all over me, the wind was blowing... got in my jammies, had some water and fixed dinner.... will dump in the morning....
Also... have been having some very specific pain in my abdomen (above the belly button)  off and on since my surgery last year.... it comes, it goes, sometimes worse than others.  And always about 2-3 hours after I eat the evening meal, which for me is more (the most) than I eat all day.  And I can take some pain pretty well, this makes me go into a ball and cry, sometimes it is accompanied by nausea. Even went to the ER at one point in September, which two had doctors told me to do, but the ER would NOT do a CT scan, so it could be seen what was going on.  A scan while I was not having the pain may well not show anything.... anyway  the Doctor scheduled a scan for tomorrow, and exploratory surgery is on the docket for the 9th.  They are thinking it could be a hernia at the site where the intestine was re-attached to the bowel. Only at certain times poking itself out. It would not heal itself and could get much worse, making for an emergency at some point.  So, we shall see what they can see  :) 
And I thought about not even saying anything, as I hope it to be just a very small thing that will easily be taken care of, but it is all a part of the journey, right?
Oh and Luci was not very happy about me being outside and her in, cried and whined and barked, had to bring her out on a little, long leash I have for outside, so she could be near and lay about in the dirt, silly girl.....
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. I am glad you are having the scan, Loree. Hopefully, you will get some answers. Don't get down in the dumps now! ;-)

  2. So sorry you are having a problem in your tummy. Hope the scan shows something that can be easily fixed. Take care.

  3. Be well, sister! Glad you are having the scan and docs are on top of getting you through this.

  4. It's always something, isn't it? I hope the scan finds the problem and that it can be quickly fixed.

  5. I hope its an easy fix!! Good luck with everything.

  6. I'm with everybody else. I sure hope it's something non serious and easily fixed. Skitz is my whiner when I'm outside and she's in. Such a pain they are.

  7. This is not nice I get similar pain from eating bread/wheat. Not fun at all.

    Do hope the docs fix the problem for you.

    In the meantime if you want some distraction you might want to look into my new blog. Thought I'd let you know we are heading out to Hawaii in a couple of days. We arrive in Honolulu Thursday morning to be exact. I've set up a separate Blog called Hawaii 2013 which you can find here should you want to follow this New Zealand couple abroad. Most of our time in Hawaii will be on Big Island including a few days on a coffee plantation.


  8. Sounds like on of those very frustrating days. Hope it turns out the pain is an easy to fix problem. Wonder if you'd have it if you ate your biggest meal mid day??