Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thursday 2-28

 Well, Thursday it was really raining all day, not a good day to go out to the Beach... So got some pictures of the Three Graces near Garibaldi, we were staying there if I have not mentioned it.  Rained most of the night too.  We did go to the Bar and watch the water for a time,  it was terrible windy and could see the sand scouring the beach.  There were some boats out past the Bar, could see their lights out there, off and on, the buoy was up and down, up and down, now it is there, not it is not.  Sure would not want to be out there on any kind of a boat today!!!  FOR SURE!!
 Then we went in to Tillamook to the Cheese Factory and browsed about, 1st time I have eve been there and did NOT have any ice cream.... was not feeling it, sorry Sherry  :)
 They have these huge, healthy geraniums in the south facing windows that are a pure joy to see!!!
 Here is the great sign heralding Garibaldi,  cute, wonderful little town.  We lived here when I was 3, then moved in to Tillamook, Dad had a log truck, mills were everywhere....
 This is out at Bar View, on the Bar.... the seagulls are just barely hanging on.... watching everyone...
 Yuck, the other 'wildlife' on the coast!!!
Carol sitting in the car, knitting while I take pictures...  notice the water in this picture and the 1st one, the tide came in!!
With this post am almost caught up... Friday we went home, and drove OVER Mt Hood, it was bare pavement all the way!  Not even any snow on the trees....  only stopped once for some pictures of the fog on the Wilson River and the potty at Government Camp...  Thursday I did go to McDonald's and used the WiFi, looking at the weather channel to see what the weather was like on the pass...  looked good to me, so we chanced it and all worked out well....
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Sweet memories of our time living in Tillamook County. I remember when the Cheese factory was exactly that, no store, restaurant etc. Garibaldi was a fun place to have clam chowder at the marina. Glad you got some beach time in. I don't mind the stormy weather on the beach either. Didn't particularly care for the high winds though.

  2. We lived at Manhattan Beach for a few weeks several years ago. First time I'd ever had huckleberries. They were delicious! Love that area... thanks for bringing back some nice memories.

  3. We're having cold and windy days here too. It's OK about the ice cream although I would love to have drooled over some. But if you aren't feelin' it, then you aren't. Passing up sugary sweets and calories is actually always a good thing.

  4. Glad you had a great time. I liked the beach and bird's beautiful no matter what the weather is!

    Glad you made it home safely!

  5. Loree, Thanks so much for letting us ride shotgun with you. I have been in that area only one time but really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the abstract feel to the shot of Carol through the window. I bet the blooming geraniums were definitely a shot in the arm when you folks deal with so many overcast days in the winter

  6. Your pictures really struck a cord with me, as I grew up in Crescent City CA. We go to the beach as often as we can.
    You have a good eye for the nature shot. Very nice.
    I also like the casual font you use, what is it?
    This is my first time to your site and I enjoyed the pictures very much.