Friday, March 1, 2013

Tuesday 2-26

 Here we are at the beach!!  look at how we are bundled up!!  it was not really all that bad, hardly any wind, cold tho.  LOTS of wood and logs on the beach, no rocks or shells and the waves were up really high, so we did not venture down very far.  Those sneaker waves were working hard to get us!!
 Don't usually see this, maybe from Japan//  They had notifications that they want you to bag stuff and leave it there, but did not have a bag this bag :)
 Look at all the wood!!!  There were people out there picking up bits and pieces and hauling it back to their car, I only took one long limb that was sort of interesting, HAVE to bring something back it is in my DNA  :)
 The pussy willows were out in full force, LOVE them...feels just like a kittens paw
This is taken from Barview, towards Rockaway, sort of condenses the distance and the wood was all more to the right closer to the shore line.  The next day when we went to see what we could see, there was hardly any wood at all, the ocean had taken it all back, weird, huh???  There was lots of sand in the surf, things were really being churned about....

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  1. Loree, I just love the fact you are taking pictures of all my favorite places. When we would have a fire on the beach we would try to get wood that wasnt loaded with sand. It pops while burning.