Friday, March 1, 2013

Wednesday 2-27

We Went to Oswald West, North of Neah-Kah-Nee Mt.  Dad always called it Short Sands and has been a favorite place.  There used to be big wooden wheelbarrows that you could take all your camping gear down there, but now it is only or day use.  About 1/4 mile in.  It was drippy, but we did not get rained on!!  Which is a BIG plus.

 Sherry, these are OLD Growth trees and have been here forever, they just let them be and they fall over as nature wants or does not want.  The beach is only about a mile long, if that.  There is a creek/river down there on both sides.  Lots of trails.  There was VERY heavy surf here.  We stopped as I tried to diddle with Carol's camera to get a picture of her to send to her daughter-in-law, frustrating as I could not do it, BUT while fiddling a HUGE wave came in all the way up to the bottom of the trail where were standing, so thank heavens we had not yet gotten down onto the logs or the beach or we would have been caught, but that did not happen and we just turned right around and went back to the TOP of the beach trail... and watched from there.  It was foggy too.

 Luci moved right along and appeared to enjoy her time, but boy did she get a dirty tummy, had to really wipe her down when we got back to the car, I have learned to always have towels in there  :)
 AND, I did really well, no huffing and puffing or standing trying to catch my breathe, it was something to be able to do things that other people do all the time, with no hesitation or worry about getting back to the parking lot after walking all the way down there.  Went well, I am ready to hike some more..
And this tree, was just growing out of the stump of the cut tree, that is really persistence I would say!!

 Bridge, creek, sea in the distance...

Here is a tree that fell, and they had to cut it as it was across the path.  see how huge it was... I think the ground gets so saturated with water, the roots don't go down that far, and a big wind just takes them down, if they don't just fall after time because the sail won't hold them up any longer.  It is a great walk, there is so much to see in nature.  When we got to the top of the Mt grade where there are viewpoints, there was no view, the fog was just rolling in, up from the heavy seas, you could watch it moving up into the parking lot, sort of scary, to pull out onto the highway...had to trust that a car would certainly have its lights on!!!
This blog is crazy.... won't let me write anything below the dark picture, which I really liked or the "bloom"  which is skunk cabbage, the only thing, I think that blooms at this time of year here on the Coast  :)  naturally.....
After all of this 'exercise' and fresh air we had to go back to the house after finding an organic bowl of bean, cauliflower, onion and squash soup.. which was very good, in Manzanita.  Went in a couple shops, drove by the sea and watched it for awhile..  It was a great, grey, drippy day!!!!


  1. What wonderful photo's you have taken. It is great to hear that you are back in control of your health...hip hip hurray !!!!

  2. Great pictures, Loree. I'm so happy for you that you have more stamina and can do things like this with no more huffing and puffing. I'm getting there, too--it feels wonderful!

  3. Loree, I am so excited for you that you are able to do this hiking and are getting around so good. Love your pictures. Our little low-riders do have problems with those bellies getting dirty.

  4. Wow Loree that looks like a place I would love. Any idea what kind of trees?? Love that skunk cabbage picture. Actually all of the pictures. What a great day, what a great post. So glad to hear you could do thus hike easily and am looking forward to more hikes with you.

  5. The fog makes it look so mystical. Great pictures.
    Yes Fred gets his sweater awful dirty with just a walk or two. And of course the belly is wet in rainy weather.

  6. These are glorious pictures. I am looking forward to walking/hiking with you in your favorite places!

  7. It was Short Sands to us also. You sure caught some spectacular views of a stormy day. Glad for you the camera would work for you or you might have been "gobbled up" by that sneaker wave.

  8. Somehow missed these the day you posted... so glad I found them today as your photos of the beach on a stormy day are so beautiful. We lived near Rockaway Beach/Manhattan beach for a while and I loved it there. What a great post!