Friday, April 12, 2013


 Friend Carol drove me to Madras today so I could see the puppies, they are going to new homes this week end and I needed to get there to get a puppy fix!!!  They are so cute!  and soft!!! Active!
This little girl they are going to keep.. the rest are boys... There are five of them.  Mom is so done with them  :)
 They like laying underneath of things, security???  Have a bed under an old stove on the front porch area.
 They all had really cute markings.  Four were red and one was 'blue'..  they are blue healer puppies.  Good cattle dogs...
Tulips in my back yard, makes for an almost perfect bouquet of flowers, just sitting there.  They are lasting a long time too....
Take Care All!!!


  1. The puppies are darling! Such little cuties, I'm glad they will all go to good homes. They have such beautiful markings.

    I'm very happy your surgery went well and the docs were able to find the problem. You got over the pleurisy quickly, so now you should be feeling pretty good. Amazing what a difference a day makes in our lives, isn't it? :)

  2. I don't blame you for wanting a puppy fix. They are so darling. But lots of energy. I don't blame Mom. My Mom always planted tulips so she could have them around the house in the spring.

  3. Thanks for the puppy fix for us too they are just adorable.

  4. Oh I love to cuddle puppies. So cute.

  5. Oh how cute! Nothing like sweet puppies to put a smile on your face!

    So glad to see you up, and out and about! You look great!

    Have a great week- end!

  6. You are looking much better. Glad you are feeling better too. The puppies are adorable

  7. ohhhhh little ol fluffy furry things!