Saturday, April 20, 2013


 Lovely picture of me....  picture was not taking, then it did!!  I forgot it was Saturday and there was NO parking at Smith Rock State Park!!!  There were tons of groups out and climbing and hiking going on all over the place!!
 It was a wonderful balmy, if windy, day!!!  We went for a drive...
 Then to Peter Skene Ogden State Park/Overlook to see the sights....  this is looking South at the Union Pacific Bridge
 This is looking North at the two highway bridges
 We also drove to the North side of Smith Rocks near Grey Butte in the off road vehicle area.  Lots of places there were campers and off road vehicles doing their thing, but they were cheerful and waved...  AND I got stuck.  a road did not go where I thought it was supposed to and just ended, had to turn around, it was steep, lots of rocks... I sort of got hung up on a rock and had to 'rock' back and forth, turning the wheel in increments and FINALLY got off and turned...  got some black coating rubbed off some metal and cracked some plastic down there under the front fender, BUT appeared nothing was leaking and it sounds the same, soooo here's hoping there was no lasting damage....  not too smart of me, but sort of thought I knew where I was  :) and all would be ok....
Later did not think I would of even known where I was in order to call my brother for help... just general area....
All is well that ends well.

There were wildflowers blooming up there but the apple trees in the orchard were not,  just had buds on them ...  I would think a week or so of warm weather would do it.  There were lots of cars at the trailhead there too, to the top of Grey Butte, 1st time I ever saw that!!!

It was a lovely drive...  We came home and had.... CAKE.....

Take Care All & God Bless

Oh,  Patti showed me how to use SKYPE and I LOVE it!!!!  Talked for along time with friend in Iowa...   What fun that will be.....!!!!


  1. Glad you got out from between a rock and a hard place! :)

  2. Beautiful place, so glad you had the chance to spend time with your good friend.

  3. Judy beat me to the best comment, but glad it all went well in the end:)

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day. Apparently lots of other folks had the same idea. Glad you had a friend to share your good time.

    So sorry I haven't responded to your question about shells. Yes there are and I'll post some pictures in tonight's blog just for you!

  5. Is Skyping like talking on the phone except you get to see each other while you're talking?