Thursday, May 23, 2013

Roseanna's Cafe

 Did not get an overall picture of the outside..  DARN!!!  But here is the cute sign
 A painted window!! on the outside of the building
 My dinner mates!!!

 The view from the table by the window.
Roseanna's is in Oceanside about 10 miles from Tillamook and about 5 miles from the Cape Meares Lighthouse. When I was at the beach with Patti in April we had lunch here.  It was really good, so came back with my friends on this trip and they were really impressed!!!  It is a REALLY nice place.
I had the crab cakes appetizer, they were wonderful, had a yummy sauce on them!

Patrick had the razor clams and Janmarie a Parmesan crusted halibut.  There was a nice warm brown bread. And we had marionberry cobbler with ice cream and 3 spoons!!  Did not get a picture of that and it was gone in NO time at all....  everything tasted wonderful.  The crab cakes had huge pieces of whole crab in them.  Have had crab cakes before that was all ground up and you could not even tell there was crab in there, these were NOT like that!!!  So very, very good!


  1. Good food and charm. One can't go wrong.

  2. It is just the best place to eat! I loved it. Thanks for bringing back a nice visual of our time together at Rosanna's. Now I am sorry we did not indulge in the cobbler when we were there.