Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Dogs

 Carl is taking his ease....  had them out a couple times this morning then sprayed the dandelions, so they are trapped in here for awhile... he is dead asleep, snoring and all...
Poor little Luci has bad diarrhea  and has to go to doctor this afternoon, been walking her out in the front dirt....  she is unaccustomed to 'doing her thing' in the even in her distress it is a long involved process of pick and choose  :)
Doc said give her some pepto bismo.  HA!!!  she does not like that at all!!  BUT I added some yogurt and cottage cheese and she was a happy girl, did not bother her it was PINK..  she loves her some yogurt!!


  1. Poor baby. Sure hope she's okay. Our girls love yogurt, along with ice cream, and Popsicles. Give her a big love for me and kisses from S & S.

  2. Poor Luci! She is sure showing a lot of grey hairs lately. :(

  3. Lovely pic of Carl snoozing away. I can attest to Luci's love of yogurt. Glad she likes it pink!

  4. They both look so sweet snoozing away. LOL over Carl snoring. Hope the pepto takes care of Luci's problems. Was it something she ate??