Friday, May 24, 2013

This Morning

 When Luci wanted to go out at 6:30am!!!  I know, gulp... I got myself up and took a long walk along the beach.  There was a minus tide and the surf was WAY out, took forever to get out there, BUT it paid off as I found over a dozen WHOLE sand dollars!!  I was way excited....  We had to work our way thru these pools and Luci had to almost swim at times, but she was game, had her long leash on her and she got to go mostly where ever she wanted to go and pick her path...  There was virtually NO wind and NO rain.  It was a nice little walk.  Am going to have to keep this up when I get home and keep the walking regime going.... It is good for both of us!!
 When I got back everyone was up and we packed up and went in to Rockaway to a couple of the cute little shops, then ate lunch at Pirates Cove, no pictures of that because we all had the crab melt and think I had enough foodie pictures on the blog yesterday  :).  Then we went to the myrtle wood factory in Garibaldi, then drove around the little Port, then on to Mac.  and here we be.. home, home at last.. well sort of for a couple days then REALLY to home...
 On the wall of one of the buildings in the Port area...
It was a good trip.  Now I am washing clothes and relaxing, as if I have not been doing that for the last couple of days!!!  Am into a Greg Iles book, The Devils Punchbowl, it is icky... gambling, dog fighting, lawyers, Chinese, Mississippi, the South..  interesting and is keeping me occupied and interested in the outcome
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Good for Luci! she knows the best time to visit the beach!

  2. Way to go...I've never found an intact sand dollar yet, and I've looked at a lot of them! With the tide as low as that, you can just imagine what it might look like just before a tsunami, eh?

  3. Skittlez has settled into this routine of getting us up about 2:30 to go out. And she always has to go. Scooter just waits for the treat and them crawls back under the covers. But come morning - it's time to hunt. I've spent so little time at the shore that I've never seen a sand dollar except in a store.

  4. Wow that's a lot of whole sand dollars. Were any of them alive?
    I would have loved to be out there with you in such a wonderful spot early in the morning. That is my favorites time.

  5. We haven't been to Garibaldi in years. It's a nice area...I like small towns. Great find on the sand dollars.