Tuesday, June 11, 2013


 This morning under my front window!!  There are a couple of blooms on it too!! Isn't it the most beauteous thing??
Imagine my surprise when i walked around the OLD pick-up to pull weeds the other day!!  My goodness, what a surprise, BUT it has bodacious stickers on it!! Some were growing where they are not supposed to be and had to pull them out, it comes up anywhere and think it will eventually be a BIG problem.... think it is a wild rose, you see them t old homestead sites a lot, sometimes they are a pink color too.
 This is my LONG sweeping corner lot, with sidewalk and the bane of my existence... try and try to keep the weeds out of it.  Just added the bushes and little fesque plants in three places, then the heather was already there, only lost one of those, which is pretty good, thought I had lost all of them , but have been better watering them and 4 are doing much better :0 amazing what a little water will do  :)
AND mom's smell pretty blue iris bloomed!!!!, was so worried I had lost it,  have it in a couple places and this is the one that bloomed in my little alley way where garbage cans are...  it is drier there, think I tend to water them too much....
But there are surprises every day in my yard... would I just look for them.  Was feeling sorry for myself yesterday as everyone is on the move and going to wonderful places and seeing great sights and here I sit.  It is MY choice, but still.. then this morning all these wondrous things in my little yard.  it creates happiness and contentment  :)
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. You're right, who'd want to go anywhere when you have such beauty in you own yard!

  2. That's an awful large area to keep the weeds out of. Good thing there aren't any weed police there. :)

  3. That first picture is stunning. I'd want a whole bed of those beauties.

  4. You are just a little bit ahead of us, Loree. Our homestead yellow crazy rose is covered with buds. There was one in Spokane at a perennial garden shop I used to frequent that grew on an old shed and had more than 50,000 blooms on it every year. That is NOT a typo!

  5. beautiful flowers ... love the Irises ... want a whole yard full of em ... and roses...

    What s that bloom in the first picture... beautiful!

  6. Lori get some Preen. They sell it at Costco in a big bucket. Just sprinkle it in that big area and nothing will grow. It is safe to use around plants. It doesn't kill weeds that are already there as it is a pre-emergent type product. It lasts about three months and it does work! Water it in after you spread it. It's a granule and there is a spreader inside the container. Good luck.

  7. Beautiful! What is that flower in your first picture?