Thursday, June 27, 2013


 Here is the dresser, desk & shelf that I repainted (well, not the desk) I just got the desk.  I like the knobs and the distressed look and the little drawers, 7 of them!!! to put 'stuff' into, so excited....
the top of the white dresser is much better than it was, not so bumpy, got it smoothed/sanded down, then put a clear finish on it..let dry....
 Isn't this just the sweetest little desk?  I am so happy with it.  It is well made too, drawers are made of oak, and sturdy/heavy, dove-tailed finishing.  Like the swoops and swirls of the legs and the top.  This may not be for everyone, the way the finish is, but I love it.... shabby yet chic  :)
 Just look at those legs and knobs!!!
Got some things put on the shelf,  my doilies that I made.  The old picture was from my maternal Grandparents house, it was hanging just like that by the door to the spare room, by the light switch.  I was in high school when Grandpa Wallace passed and the grand kids got to take things that we wanted, that meant something to us... I always liked that picture.... a picture of my Mom & Dad on the shelf from the 60's
The garage is all cleaned up and can get the car in there now.
Mowed the lawn...  To Bend to visit friends and went to lunch..
We are getting warm folks, supposed to be in high 90's by beginning of next week & my GRASS is coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So excited.. was out watering it some more this afternoon, little grasses here and there.. happy, happy grass!!
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Shabby chic must be my that blue desk, especially the knobs! Good find...

  2. That blue desk is wonderful! Wish I could find stuff like that but don't have the patience to shop for it.

  3. Love the desk as well. It has character. Your doodads on the shelf, the desk, the doilies.....pretty, pretty. Of course, now you need a good looking desk chair.......

  4. I really like that desk. Did a great job on the dresser. But most of all, I love the little wall shelf with the doilies and pictures.

  5. Love the shelf and the way your used your doilies. Great job.

  6. Oh my gosh, I totally LOVE that desk!! Don't ever invite me to your house because I'd surely find a way to get that out of your house and into mine - ha ha!! Love the color, the knobs, the distressed painting, the style, everything! Great find!!

  7. I have to laugh about your excitment that your grass is coming up. I know how hard you've worked at it but I remember clearly wishing my grass would just go away so I didn't have to mow it. You've been a very busy gal and have lots to show for it. Hope they are wrong about the 90's. Is that usual for summer there??