Monday, June 10, 2013


the picture was at the iris gardens in Salem.
Today I moved gravel.  how exciting.  went grocery shopping, no yogurt in the house 'cept for Brians and ate 1/2 of that, boy did I get in trouble :)   then came home and moved gravel, that is really hard work! made me tired.... and i STILL have a huge pile.  and where i want to put that, it a good roll.  That is really the hardest part is when the gravel is in the wheel barrow and you are moving it then to where you want it.. just have to muscle it along....  finished the book i was reading, sat in the sun for awhile (reading) had the dogs out there with me and they were pretty good, Luci just laid there, Carl sat and then would go to the fence and bark until i swatted him with his stick, he would give me a hateful look, but went to sit for awhile before he was up and at it again, slow learner, i think  :)  hmm, him or me you ask.....
Also cleaned out both refrigerators.... to make room for more 'stuff' -- Brian is continually complaining he has no place to put his groceries, so now he has a place, in the garage  :)  HA!!!
It was a nice day in Central Oregon, wind cam up and temp is down.... but still sunny and nice...
Take Care All


  1. Another beautiful day on Oregon - all over. Hope Brian helps you with that gravel.

  2. Love that header picture. The colors are gorgeous. Moving gravel is not my idea of fun. Carl is a lot like Scooter - stubborn.

  3. Use your wagon it will be easier to move the gravel. I can't think this is good for you stomach problem. I know it's hard to wait for someone else to get things done but, you are going to hurt yourself.

  4. I agree with Jo... I'm facing the same kind of ... gonna kill myself lifting and such but I get so impatient 9 days for a simple task to be done! hiss and boo