Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Wagon

Have had this little wagon for years, got it in an antique store at Bar View, Oregon for $15!!  And I use it ALL the time in transporting 'things' in the yard. It is not heavy as a wheelbarrow can be and is easily maneuverable.  I love it!!
Today I planted those plants,  cut back the lilac bushes, watered.  Got the neighbor and Brian to load the old washer into the back of the pick-up, so one more step on the way to the dump  :)  tried to recycle it, but the guy only wanted Kenmore or Whirlpool and it is a GE.  Tipped on its side, the bottom part looks all new.....  hmmmm..... to bad someone does not want a broken machine for parts if nothing else....  Now I am heavily into HGTV  :)
Beautiful day out there today....
Take Care All


  1. Our energy company will pick them up and recycle them and sometimes pay you $50.00 if the replacement was more energy effficient. Worth a call.

  2. I also have this wagon. My dad bought it for me years ago when I bought my house, so I could cart things around the yard. I love it.

  3. Cute. I have my son's Radio Flyer and intend to use it in the yard this summer!!!

  4. Love those wagons! We have gotten each child and grandchild a red Radio Flyer wagon:)

  5. aw... want a little red wagon... you remember Laugh-In? ... Sammy Davis, Jr. would come across the stage dressed as a little kid and ask if anybody's seen his little red wagon.

    hahaaa... I had one as a child too. who didn't in the 50s...

    We, thankfully, have as part of our water/sewer/garbage ... a truck that will come around and pick up any and everything you want to throw away ... have to call and schedule the truck to come out.

    Goodwill used to do that...