Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Day...

 One of Chloe's favorite things to do is play in the sink!!  So play she did!!
 We got matching Big Bear pj's and tonight was THE night to try them out, altogether  :)
 We needed wine after getting dinner ready, we had to work around Chloe, in the sink, She managed to spray some bleach sort of by/in her eye. I don't think it was too bad as she was not distressed at all, but Mom was!! It would have hurt, wouldn't it?  Then the shrimp somehow got dumped on the floor....5 second rule prevailed & none of us has gotten sick  :) I cut my finger a small bit on the food processor blade, those things a sharp!!
More pj pictures, cuz don't you have to get INTO the tent that Dad made for her??
We also went to Oak Glen , had lunch and saw the apple orchards, rode a pony and kissed a llama.. all in all a good day...
Take Care & God Bless All


  1. I always enjoyed visiting Oak Glen every fall. You guys look like you are having way too much fun! Enjoy!

  2. Despite the minor mishaps, it looks like you are having a grand time. Really enjoyed the pictures.

  3. My gosh, I didn't think anyone but me had all those "accidents". Love that five second rule.

  4. What wonderful pictures - I love the first one of you three - it looks like a professional photo of the three generations. Super Cute! :)

  5. Loved the pictures ~ what a precious little girl smile... how much weight have you lost, Loree... you're looking downright skinny!