Sunday, July 7, 2013

As Close...

 As we in Oregon ever get to an alligator!!!  At the nursery I went to yesterday, they have all manner of displays of different plants.  You can have a pond and have plants in it...  this alligator doesn't even look real, huh???
But it is as close as we get  :)
The grass is really doing well, will have to get a picture one of these days... due for a mow in a couple weeks I bet... Brian says I need to get more seed to put in some bare spots....  and there is another place further around the side yard that I need to put in some too, but think, I will only worry about the front this season/year....
Take Care All


  1. I think I prefer that alligator to the ones we have here:)

  2. Never had any problem with alligators in our travels. Down at Avery Island in Louisiana, we came upon a very large one with his mouth partly open. We turned around and went the other way! Later we heard the comment that "Old George is on the path again."

  3. Now that would be my kind of alligator. No threat to the girls.