Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Bear Lake

 Love taking 'the feet' shot!!!
 Aren't these pretty flowers on the way over the LONG, windy road to Big Bear!!!  dry, dry, dry, lots of rocks...
 She gets tired of sitting back there and thinks of all kinds of things to keep us busy,  drinks, pee stops, crackers dropped my little ponies  :)  it is fun!!!
 Here we are kayaking.  this was alot different than the quiet, calm little lake in Iowa.  In the 1st place don't think I want to be on a lake again that allows motorized boats, they create quite the wave action, there were a lot of seaweedy things in there that caught at the oars and we had a BIG headwind on the way back...  but it was an enjoyable day.  All of the next pictures were taken with Sacia's phone as Loree was trying to get a pic of them and turned too far and a wave hit me and yes,  over I went... then Sacia had to tow me back to shore so I could get back in the boat.  Let me tell you, those rv'ers were right out there to make sure I was ok and give advice on care and treatment of the dunked camera... and I got a cheer when I rounded the corner to go back in to the little cove, as I had gotten back in and completed the time we had left and the little tour... :0  what a clutz!!!  But had to be towed back to shore to get back in the kayak as don't know how to get in the kayak from deep water, and that seaweedy crap was waving all OVER me as I was paddling back...   eeeewwww and sweet, beautiful little niece had to take pictures of me in my extremity!!!!
 This was before, notice the smile!!!!
 This was after,  notice the grimace....
 Heading home.. in ALL wet clothes!!!!
 Heading into shore
Everything is wet....  did not loose my glasses or the hat,  or the flip flops!!!!
All in all a good day and I NOW have a water-proof camera, which I have always wanted, this is the 2nd camera to bite the water!!!!  Oh, lost the cover to the little water proof hole too (in the kayak, forgot to tell the guy about that, but guess he will figure it out  :(.. top was off as had the camera out , while taking the picture)
Sort of had a lot of pictures today, but had a story to tell  ;)
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Oh yuk, getting wound up in seaweek wouldn't be fun. I have been thinking lately that I should try kayaking and get over my incredible fear of the water. That stems from a canoe accident about 35 years ago when I thought I would surely die. But now that i've heard your experience I'm not so sure I would have the nerve to try it.

  2. Falling in is an adventure I can live without! :)

  3. All this spells FUN! Even getting dunked!

  4. Great post! I was loving all the foot shots and thought, what a great theme until I came to you getting tipped over. I am so sorry. It is hard to get back in the boat in the water. I practiced doing it but have never needed to. Seem the big problem for me would be water filling up the boat. I should carry a pump. Luckily you were in what is called a sit upon and the water doesn't fill up the kayak. Of course the deeper kayaks are less tippy. Maybe that's why I've never fallen in. You have a great attitude about it. Love those cheers for you.

  5. Somebody has to provide the day's entertainment. Glad you were able to keep on paddling even when you were all wet.

  6. GREAT story - and a great attitude on your part. Good for you for getting right back on (or in, I guess LOL). Are you talking about Big Bear Lake in Ca.? Couldn't tell from the pictures. Grew up at the foot of those mountains.

  7. In the last picture there is a sign behind you, I think it says no swimming!. But you turned it all into a great day.

    Can't believe how big Chloe has grown already.

  8. I really like the tootsie shots and lake kayaking in such great fun, especially with such an adorable companion!