Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crystal Cove

 This was a community built in the 50's or so and many of the homes are no longer in use, but they are trying to refurbish them.  some were already and are rentals.  It was quite a cute little place.  Except for the nasty lady in the gift shop... really? Oh, well, I got my t-shirt and let her go.
 In my in my all  :)
 Little Chloe LOVES the beach and sand... and going in the water
 The Sides Family

 She likes being buried in the sand too!!  Wanted it done to her over and over
 These pictures were all taken with the new camera and I keep putting my left finger over the lens  :(
going to have to watch that!!!
View North on the beach


  1. Well don't you look just sexy as all get out! what fun .... hope they do save that community .. it sure looks like it's worth saving..

    and oh, your little Chloe! what a doll ;)

    nice family ... and what is going around with grump buckets! ... a person in a gift shop being rude.

    grump pollen!

  2. What a fun bunch of pictures. Glad you're having such a wonderful time.

  3. Beautiful family on a beautiful beach. Life doesn't get any better!!

  4. I'm in the Sacramento heat and that water sure looks refreshing.