Sunday, July 21, 2013

Floating the Deschutes

This was such a FUN!! day!!!  You park way South of the park, get in the water and float North on the river and at the get out point there is a bus that takes you back- I only had to pay $.75 or half price as I am a senior and that is ALL day long, should you choose to go back and forth all day long.  By the time we got back the 1st time, it was getting REALLY hot and there were dozens and dozens of people on the river in all kinds of different floatie things.  They also have rental tubes.  There was a certain amount of angst about the dam and NOT going over it!!  Have to get out, walk aways around then get back in...  But Sacia was very helpful to her old auntie  :)
 Here I am in my little raft floatie... could never get the hang of those oars...
 Here is Sacia.....  we were just starting out, she turned around and sat in it most of the way...
 See, she kept hold of me so I didn't float down the little falls....  did not quite work out as to where she was towing me, Chloe did not go this time, maybe next.... but she did steer me in the right direction...
 Some wildlife on the river....  there were some little tiny ducks too but I missed those, surprisingly that river moves right along..... and past pictures you may want to take.
 Canadian geese, reeds and old smokestacks from the mill in the background...
 On the 2nd half of the trip, below the falls there are houses and really neat places to just sit....  What a tree!!!
 This was nice with the white chairs reflected and you can see the seaweedy stuff under the water
 Then we went to 10 Barrel Brewing and had a GREAT lunch.. I had tiger prawns....
Sacia had steamer clams....eeeewww....  looks like something out of a mooses' nose, now doesn't it??? and they were chewy......  Had a sip of beer tho and it was good.....
Then we made an appt to get tattoos on Aug 4th  !!!  :)  Went to pet store to get treats, which I am out of.... then to Old Navy.. think they are between seasons, as they did not really have a lot of stuff, but did find a few things  :)
See, all in all a wonderful day spent in excellent company!!!!
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Loree?! you're ... can't figure out another adjective .. awesome. what fun

  2. Only you would describe steamer clams that way - toooooo funny!!! So glad you had fun on the river but Loree, where is your life jacket??

  3. That float trip sounds like something even I could manage, except for the part about not going over the dam!

  4. Oh that looks like so much fun. We used to float the James River in tubes. One of my very favorite things. The whole day sounds just about perfect. Lucky you!! You look great in that little boat or whatever it is.

  5. I agree, what a FUN day! Fab photos, too. But, along with Donna K, where is your life vest? I'd never do that without one. I don't swim, so that's a no brainer for me. Next time - just in case - wear one. No point in losing all that weight and looking so great if we're going to lose you in the river. :(

    Food looks beautiful, too, but I'm not a steamer clams person, either. But Prawns?? You bet!

  6. What a wonderful Weeping Willow tree... looks like a pair of swans should be swimming past. Oh! The food looks great... especially the moose snot!