Friday, July 19, 2013

Home Now!!

 Views along the way, this flower is a bit over the hill, but you get the idea  :)

 The interchanges and the traffic!!  this does not show, BUT we did run into traffic...
 LA haze
 This is so boring.... poor little thing...
 A fav of mine!!!!  It was every bit as good as I remember.. my 1st burger in over a year!!!
 Waiting, waiting
 Here it is!!!  we even got a hat and stickers ..  delivered with a happy smile!!
 She was more interested in the stickers than the food!!!
 Never knew about this!!!  It is GOOD pea soup!!!
 Tried for the perfect picture of Mt Shasta... this is one of the best.. in the setting sun.  the glowming....
This was really pretty, too, but did not come out too good,  but well enough..  then it got dark!!!  With both of us driving, got home after midnight.  lots of pee-pee stops... Chloe doing SO well in the potty training!!!  It was a good drive.
Only lost 4 plants... :(  grass looked good, had to mow for the 1st tie and the handle on the mower broke half way thru so it is at the lawn mower place being fixed...  geez, one thing after another, right???
Take Care all


  1. I love pea soup. If you were traveling with me, we would also have lots of peepee stops.

  2. I ate there ... great tradition and pea soup! oh, sigh such a beautiful area...

    Chloe is adorable. my my my

  3. Love the flower photos. Chloe looks adorable!

  4. THat Mount Shasta picture is spectacular. I sure wish I were more interested in the stickers than the food. LOL! Good for you - a year without burgers. You really look great.

  5. I love Mt. Shasta too, and can't see it without taking photographs of it. Sort of like deer!

  6. Your new camera takes really great pictures. Mt. Shasta shot is gorgeous!

    Chloe looks all tuckered out. :)

  7. Welcome home, Loree! I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I don't like pea soup, but enjoy stopping at Pea Soup Andersen's. There's one in Buellton, CA, too.