Thursday, July 4, 2013

Small Town, USA

 The 'gate' downtown...We had the 4th of July Parade this morning at 10am..It was warm sitting out there on the pavement!!!  For 1 1/2 hours.... just sayin'
 Honor Guard
 Band of Brothers
 Veterans on Bikes were having a 'run'
 Redmond is designated a Flag City USA, the Boy Scouts and Kiwanis and volunteers place 1300 flags along the downtown area out past the National Guard  on Highland,  they go further and further every year, it is a very stirring display..  the flags are also out on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day.. I believe they were also out when our National Guard Unit returned from Iraq...
This is Grandpa and the Grandkids, what a FUN thing to do as a family!!!  that must be Grandma bringing up the rear in the blue wig??? Don't you think???
Everyone was decked out in red, white & were running for candy as the entrants threw it out.. It is a fun community thing,  there is another parade on Fair Week too the 1st week of August, looking forward to it!!  In that one there are more horses and Rodeo Queens, Redmond Union High School graduating class floats and local high school marching bands!!!!!
Brother and SIL came for dinner.
Happy 4th All
Take Care & God Bless!!!!


  1. What fun! Parades are so much fun...

  2. There ain't nothin' like a small town parade.

  3. I just love small town parades. Does yours have fire engines and politicians on the back of convertibles? Hope it wasn't too hot. It was 90 here in Maine. That's as bad as summer 4th in Virginia. What are they thinking up here? LOL

  4. How fun! A little town nearby always has a parade, we hear, but they cancelled it this year. But we enjoyed fireworks right here in the RV park.

  5. Hey Loree, just great to get caught up and see Redmond up close

  6. I feel all warm and fuzzy looking at those pictures:)

  7. I especially liked the flag display description.