Monday, July 15, 2013

Swimsuits Required!!

 Today we went to Sam's Family  Desert Spa in Desert Hot Springs.  It was great fun!!  105 tho..drank LOTS of water and had pb & j sammies... AND we got to play with the underwater camera, which worked great!!!  As you can see!!!
 Chloe spent LOTS of time in the water, am sure she is a ater baby.  Will even jump off the edge into her Mom's arms.. so cute!  Has to screw up the courage a bit to do it, but does do it eventually...
Oh, just noticed Barbie floating on her back! Enjoying the sun...
 No I am NOT holding her under water as it looks, she is practicing holding her breathe and blowing bubbles, does it quite well too!! Altho there were times Sacia had to remind me to hold her up high enough so her mouth was out of the water.. geez, I am inexperienced, what do you want??  :) snort..
 Have GOT to remember that finger!!!  see, we can take underwater pics!!!
 Isn't this a GREAT picture?  We laughed and laughed when we got to see it blown up on the computer.  Think this is what I would look like with no teeth!!!  Good thing I have all of mine and they are in great shape, thank you very much....  but what a picture!!!
The pool had a ledge around the one end for just sitting in the water, thought it was really great, but better at the beginning of our time there, when it was in the shade!  There were hardly any people there.. wrong time of year, too hot, whatever... I think all in all today was the hottest day since I have been here, even at Sacia's house in Yucaipa.
Have been to the mountains and the ocean and now the desert, experienced all of Calif.. even got a glimpse of Yosemite from the airplane on the way in!!  And Lake Tahoe, what more could a person want?  And did the shopping.. here and there....  Tomorrow she has chores to run before we start for home on Wednesday.
Oh and the MOST bizarre thing...  Chloe's smoothie from yesterday morning exploded on her little table in the kitchen all over the floor, wall, frig, blinds to the sliding glass to the patio, what a mess, weird tho..  made with pineapple, mango, soy milk, spinach.  Guess the lid was on there tight so it won't spill and sitting like that was too much with  gases built up?  Don't know... but it was not all that easy to clean up, dried, off the wall let me tell you!!!! And of course it is GREEN!!
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Love your picture underwater!! A great laugh!! Uk, glad I didn't have to clean up the smoothie!! Enjoy your final days of your visit.

  2. We believe the idea with a smoothie like that is to DRINK it, rather than let it stand and ferment. Neat camera -- wouldn't want that underwater person chasing us, though!