Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Evening...

 In the Yard!!!!  Echinecha... (sp..and spell check did NOT help)
 Brian got this,  it has neat colors to it, I think it is coleus???
 Red hot poker....
 Same sunflower from a couple days ago, but a different time of time and looking into the sun...
This is my GRASS!!!!  cool huh????  it is coming along, I go out a couple times a day and pull up little tiny weeds, that should not be there.....  but it is just looking SO good, the neighbor is impressed, says there has never been a lawn there the whole time he has lived here.... HAHA... well, we will see if I can keep it perfect.....  just about getting to where I can mow it..... ah well, the joys of home-ownership....
Am leaving for about a week, going to Southern Calif to visit my niece and her family.. it will be fun am flying down there, then driving back with her and her daughter.  She had planned a trip up here for the Fair week I think and of course to see her family.  Am looking forward to something different and FUN!!!  But Brian has to be diligent in caring for my new plants and the GRASS!!!!  We will see, hope all is not dead when I return, including Luci, they have a love/hate relationship  :)
Take Care all & God Bless


  1. The plants are so nice. I love coleus, indoors and out.

  2. That's beautiful grass, Loree. Good job!

  3. Your yard and flowers are looking great. Have fun on your trip.

  4. Looking really good. So green. Everything here is starting to die because we haven't had any rain for awhile. Have fun on your "vacation".

  5. Now that you have your own echinacea you'll never have another cold! Oh poor Luci she has to stay home with the boys. She may be REALLY mad at you when you get back. Hope you have a safe trip, a great time and Brian keeps everything alive for you.

  6. The lawn is spectacular! Have a great visit with your family.