Saturday, July 6, 2013

This Morning!!

 This morning in the yard!!!  just planted these... hope they grow and spread...
 Pretty, huh? Weird that there were two different colors on the same plant..
AND this came up all by itself, did NOT plant it.... think a bird dropped one of the sunflower seeds that I fed throughout the Spring & Winter and all of the water I am pouring onto the grass resulted in this....  have a couple in other odd places too, but this is the only one that is blooming... so far.... such a happy thing!!
Went to a nursery today and got a bunch more plants, waiting a bit for it to cool off to put them in.  It is not really hot-hot out there, but no need to be working right out in the blasting sun.  Just been watering, mowing lawn clipping here and there.  It is just so satisfying to be puttering about and have some results at the end, as things look all put together and groomed.  Luci gets a bit put out that I don't have her out there with me.  When the yard is a bit more established can have her out there on a long lead, then she is happy as she is near me, can see me I guess, that I am not trying to make my escape :)
Also been reading 30,000 On The Hoof by Zane Grey.  You know the language is stilted at times and there are racist references here and there, but it is really a timeless book about the settling of Northern Arizona (think I originally said it was about Montana, but no, I was wrong)  Is in a valley between Pine & Payson.  Mentions Flagg, which I am sure is now Flagstaff and Mormon Lake.  What trials and tribulations they had to go thru!! I am thoroughly enjoying it!!!
Take Care & God Bless


  1. Looks like you're growing your own supply of birdseed for next winter. :)

  2. Beautiful flower pictures. It is often those "wild" ones that we don't plant at all are often the hardiest and most lovely. I can see you really love working in your yard.