Thursday, August 1, 2013

Decshutes Co Fair

 Some of the quilts!!  Did I tell you I got a 1st place for a doily I made??  Well, yes I did, there were only 3 of them  :) Put in an afghan too, it did not fare so well.... AND they would not take my picture as it was too big, has to be 8X10 including the framing....  Not nearly as thrilling as Russ  in "Travels With Therapy" who got a wondrous win with his great butterfly picture at Lane County Fair!!!
 Look at all the work that went into this quilt, I would have been working on it forever!!!  I appreciate these landscape quilts and what a person, with a certain amount of talent, can make fabric do.... this was really beautiful.. don't think I would EVER put it on a bed tho!!  I prefer quilts that are quilts....
 And this, what the????  But such an imagination!!! to think you could use these different plants and make a peacock, then get a great prize out of it!!
 Here are some of the high placing photos... look at those ribbons!!! Grant prize, great-grand prize!!!
 These kids were having a blast!!
 This is Isaac and Margaret!!!!  Let me tell you, this is or was the cutest thing!!!  He was just hugging and kissing on Margaret, I swear she was purring!!! and rubbing her head up against him, you could just see the love ....  he kept calling her "little girl"  he was going to get some water, little girl, will be right back, little girl, it was so-so cute.....  This is going to be a caring, compassionate man someday, he is well on the way!!!!
This is the BIG venue at the fair.  This fairgrounds was built within the last 10 years and was the 1st fairground built west of the Mississippi River in 50 years.  The grounds are in the shape of a HUGE wheel, with spokes being the walkways.  There are commemorative cement benches as memorials to people or businesses, we have one for my nephew Ry who passed over 10 years ago... It does not seem like so long ago, like yesterday... in sadness.....
This is where they have the big name concerts and conventions, like the trailer shows, outdoor shows, the local high schools have graduations here.
I had fun walking about yesterday, which was FREE senior day, yahoo!!!!  There were gangs of young kids on the prowl and lots of us olders there too, BUT not as crowded as the week end will be...
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. Congratulations on your winning doily! We enjoyed the Deschutes County Fair when we were there the trip where you visited us at the RV park at the fairgrounds. We happened to be there on senior day, too!

  2. Yes, congratulations! What a great Fair! that peacock is really something

  3. A win is a win no matter how many entrants. Congratulations!! County fairs are just wonderful things and I'm so glad to know that they are still building fairgrounds. Those are a lot better than many other things being built. Gives me a kind of hope that the simpler things in life won't get lost in all this technology everyone seems so crazy for. On another note, I wonder how that darling young man will ever sell Margaret for bacon. That's why we were vegetarians. Couldn't even slaughter our old hens. We had an old age farm for farm animals. :-))

  4. Congrats on your win. Anneke is always tempted to buy a quilt and I suspect that now that we are back in a house, next time she sees one she likes, it will be going home with us.

  5. Congratulations, that's a wonderful win! Honestly, I think just MAKING the doily is something to be congratulated for. LOL They look like a lot of work.

    I love the little boy and his pig. What a great boyfriend he's going to be some day, right?

    I love fairs, especially small county fairs. Haven't been to one in a few years, though.