Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fair Parade

 Waiting for the parade to start!!
 Nanny Pat and Sacia
 Crazy Aunt Loree and Chloe
 There were lots of Princesses!!!  my Fav thing.  this is Deschutes County Rodeo Queen
 Crooked River Round-Up which is a BIG thing around here too!!  They even have horse racing during their Fair!!!!
 Harney Co always has the most beautiful Queen
 Note they have these gorgeous bouquets on the horses' BUTT!!!
 Here is the Queen of the Fair.. as opposed to the Queen of the Rodeo....
 Self explanatory
 My credit union.. cool truck!!!

Plan on getting myself up and going to the buckaroo breakfast tomorrow, meeting at 8am at Nanny Pat's house.  Supposed to be really a good thing.... there is a HUGE kitchen at the fairgrounds, in case of an emergency it can feed thousands of people, which is a good thing, in case of an emergency....
this year the parade did not even last an hour,  most disturbing and disappointing.... no high school bands, no Indians, no fire dept at the end, announcing 'this is the end'.. car clubs were absent..where were everyone????  I WAS THERE!!!!
Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Such nice weather for the parade too.

  2. Gorgeous horse photos. The princesses are lovely too. And your photo with Chloe is adorable.

  3. Chloe is sooooo cute! what kind of hairdo is that... little updo dog ears... hahaa

    beautiful day

  4. When I lived in Placerville, CA we had a Wagon Train Parade and a Christmas Parade - I loved them both and never missed. Parades are so much fun. :)