Monday, August 26, 2013

Made It!!

Denver!!  Look at all of those planes...  When in Redmond, there were a group going to London!  What fun that would be!!!  It only took less than 2 hours to get to Denver... even tho I had to get up at 3am.. still at 4am when taxi came it was dark out....  Who knew  :)

Look at all the pivot irrigation....

 .. Was only  one hour 34 minutes to Moline (Quad Cities, Iowa)
Here is the Mississippi River!!!

More Mississippi.  it is very hazy here.. about 90 degrees and 55% humidity!!! which feels wet! supposed to reach 100 degrees in next couple of days, thru the week-end... picked a great time to come huh???  LOOK how green it is!!!

Just before landing at Moline Airport.... I heard people talking and businessmen fly into here, rent a car then go on to Chicago and not deal with Ohare.. it is three hours there.  which seems a rather long drive.... maybe they are in south of the city or something, must be worth it to them....
These are corn fields..on & on seemed like forever.... from the air...  feels the same tho when you are driving thru them
Carol, Darah and the kids greeted me, it was fun!!!  Even tho when I walked out of that building it felt like walking into a furnace.. Great seeing them all, but did not get any pictures yet  what is wrong with me?
We have a full schedule things of planned for the next couple of days...
Take Care All


  1. Always a good thing to hear that you have arrived. It definitely was hazy. I keep thinking the Mississippi should be so much wider.

  2. Glad your flights went well, Loree. The mighty Mississippi doesn't look quite as big from your airplane!

  3. What fun, Loree... I haven't flown in eons. I loved sitting by the window.

    ...and Sandie? the Mississippi gets wider the farther south it flows.

    BIG ol river between Arkansas and Tennessee well on down to the Gulf.. it's a mile wide in lots of places.

    The Arkansas Great River Road is chock full of history and ol Mark Twain and riverboats ... y'all need to come south sometime.

    lots to see down heah ... not in August though ~ triple digits

    Talk about fishing?!

    did I sabotage your blog, Loree... I know you will have a grand time with your family.