Sunday, August 11, 2013

More Flowers

 Sherri from "In The Direction of Our Dreams"  wanted to see more of my flower beds, the whole thing to see all the flowers... so this is for her.  I only have one bed in the front that is doing really well and I have a couple 'volunteers' that I did not put in there. Almost to the end is a BIG squash plant of some sort. But I have let it sort of go its own way.  Why not?
 Here it is turning the corner around the house :)  there are many blooms on it and some 'things' forming.  but still do not know what it is.  I think zucchini are long narrow, these are more fat little things.  Hope I am not watering it for no reason and I end up with something off of it...  one would think I would with the size of those leaves!!!
 These also came up on their own.... This bed gets morning sun then goes into the shade of the house and is right by the water faucet, AND I am watering a lot as the new GRASS is right in front of it.... so I guess it makes a perfect storm for growing what I put in there.  Have daises, 2 different kinds, lavender plants, mums and pansies,  the lilies, the squash and a couple other things I can't remember, like LOTS of population and spreading blooming, thru all the seasons.... there are also bulbs, but those have bloomed and went away already...  have problems in the back yard as the dogs are back there, and Carl loves to potty ON things, then flings it, scratching afterwards, which does not help anything!!! And it is mostly shady back there too except for short periods of time, so am getting my 'legs' so to speak on what will work back there.  Then there is the South side that gets VERY hot and have made a couple of errors out there, eventually will have the garden over there and put in a tree or so, for some type of shade on that side, but not too much as want the garden there and it needs SUN....  but there is the sidewalk and area between that and the street that I am developing too, that have been pouring water on and trying to get things established out there for some sort of interest... sprayed weed killer out there again today,  THEY love it out there  haha.. so that gives me something to do and keep at...
 Here is yet another lily, that has pink dots on it....
 And this is in a pot by the oil tank and water spigot in back yard.... fortunately it is up high enough Carl can't get his leg up there!!

Then Barb at "Me and My Dog" (Katie) wanted to see the tattoo...  here it is  (she flies with her own wings.. in Latin)  It is almost healed and will now be there forever  :)  has been pretty ugly the last couple of days, what with the scabbing over and lotion smearing things about....  I am happy with it.  well, guess I better be huh??  says what I feel

Hope all is well with everyone
Take Care and God Bless


  1. Can't believe you still have lilies blooming. Mine gave up weeks ago. Hope you get some good squash from that plant. You'll have to let us know what it turns out to be.

  2. I LOVE your tattoo! Could easily be my own "motto". My tattoo is on my butt... it's a dragonfly... because they are survivors, having been around since dinosaurs.. and when I got it, about 40 years ago, I kinda needed a reminder. Yours is GREAT!

  3. I like the tattoo, especially that it is in Latin. Very cool!

    The flowers are still gorgeous - can't wait to see what the squash turns out to be. :)

  4. Nice tat. So, you will have to pronounce it for me when I see you! LOL! I still have never figurd out anything I wanted on my body permanently. Maybe an owl or a bat?!