Friday, August 23, 2013

She's Home

My sister-in-law is home!
Yesterday they were able to "shock" her in to a 'normal' rhythm and she had developed NO blood clots around her heart.  That was all a good thing.  I had taken her purse home with me, so they stopped to pick it up on the way to Madras (their home) and she looked pretty darn good. Much better than laying there in bed hooked up to all of that 'stuff'  !! And she is able to breathe, which is always a good thing  :) walked into the house with no shortness....
Mowed and edged all the grass tonight.. Now watering the back yard.  It gets SO dry back there, am sure it is those huge trees that suck all the water out of everything.
Luci is being a GIANT pain and wants in and out and whined the whole time I was mowing the yard!!!  What?  WHAT???? What DO you want???? I don't know and can't tell!!!!
Take Care All
Thank you all so for your concern, kindness and prayers.................


  1. That is scary stuff, so glad she is feeling better!

  2. Oh, that is great, Loree. Luci must be feeling insecure for some reason. Who knows why, she is a dog, right? cats do the same thing, and kids....remember that?

  3. That's good news about your sister-in-law!

  4. So glad to hear the good news about your SIL. Our girls get weird like that once in awhile also. It's like they are feeling insecure and just need to be held and held and they are up and down and in and out until they about drive you nuts. Then they are fine again.

  5. Suzy and I both know about A-Fib, and we don't particularly like it! Good for your sister to be coming back to normal rhythm. Jerry ended up in the hospital near Phoenix on our way home. A-fib, A-flutter, whole thing was a pain in the A!

  6. Great news about sil.
    Is the whining a doxie thing Fred does it makes me crazy too