Sunday, August 18, 2013

Slow Day

 I know, I know, I put WAY too many of these flowers on here, BUT I live under the mistaken illusion that someone likes them  :)  Just LOVE taking these pictures of the things I have grown, it is always an amazement that something turned out.  That I grew something and then I took a picture of... you have NO idea how many pictures I delete, cuz I want people to think I take a good one every time.. hahahaha- like that happens
Brian was sick all night long, so today he is sleeping all day...apparently...... hope it stays in his room and does not ooze out into the rest of the house. He thinks it was some angel food cake he ate, so I threw it away as directed.  :)
This morning I took the dogs for a little walk. Can't go too far as poor Carl starts wheezing/snorting and stumbling about, Luci keeps putting on the brakes as she wants to just stop and smell the roses, so to speak, so have to keep pulling at her, telling her 'to go for a walk', she looks at me like I am crazy.... lady a couple of doors down has a rather large garden and said she will bring me zucchini next time she picks,  whooee, can make some bread for xmas gifts and make some veggie dishes.
Yesterday I made a cool shrimp salad that I put in some zucchini, turned out really good, but then this is the 3rd meal off of it and getting tired of it  :)  oh, well.  Seems recipes are for groups and not for ONE person!!!

These are in the little raised bed Brian made for me, they are like twice as big as they were when I put them in there a couple weeks ago, so that is a good thing, hoping they seed and spread too!

After the dog walk, got the bike out and rode it on a little jaunt, about 6 blocks up and back...  just enough to start, don't want to get legs like noodles :) and not able to walk or stand up...  the gym called and I renewed, so going to have to go partake of that, that is now available.  they had stopped taking out monthly, so thought my commitment was over and was 'thinking' things over  :)  .....

Have a trip planned, leaving the 26th for Iowa, flying there, staying a week, then Carol and I are driving back to Oregon, but a different, longer way, so have no idea how long that will take... she wants to end up driving up the coast a ways, so going somehow, coming out in San Francisco and then up the Coast to Newport and on over to Bend.
Carol and her grandkids are going to meet me at the airport in Moline (part of quad cities) that will be fun.....  they just went to see 'Planes' and I got them two planes, toys from the movie, excited to give them to the kids when I see them at the airport!!!!
Also have to send a box of clothes and shoes in the mail so I don't have anything other than the backpack to carry, so have been planning the wardrobe and what to send and take, confusing for me.... but think I have it figured out and ready to mail tomorrow... so it will be there b4 I get there and is ready for me to use...

Have my 18 MONTH doc apt next week, does not seem like it was so long ago I had the surgery, wow!!!   Already had the blood tests and they are all excited as I am not getting enough protein... I keep trying.....  also have nails and pedi on Friday.. always a fun day when I have a spa day!!

Nice day today, just warm enough to be hot, but not uncomfortable.... except when out with the dogs, THEY thought it was hot, but took them along a shady route, there is an irrigation canal running behind our little houses, a small one, and there was evidence of deer back there, looks like they might have been bedding back there, and ducks swimming with half grown babies, running water, wild animals, shade.. it was nice.....

Take Care all & God Bless


  1. I enjoy your flower pictures, as well as all of your blog posts. Sometimes when you are having a "slow" day, I'm having an even "slower" day, so it's fun to see what you're up to!

  2. Love the flowers! They are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you in the QC. the grands are so excited Nana Loree is coming and they get to meet you at the airport.