Friday, August 9, 2013

Two New Colors!!!

 I just LOVE these lilies!!  Can't help it... planted bunches of them, got a huge bag at Costco.  Not all of them came up, BUT enough did that I am more than satisfied and will keep putting them in year after year, they are SO Luscious!!! and full and beautiful..
Each color has their own beauty.  It is such a surprise to go out into the yard and there are MORE blooming, I mean, really???  Yes, they are there, in MY yard.. so happy....

Nothing going on, just watering yard/flowers.  Pulling weeds. Reading, as dogs go in and out.  Figure out what to eat, where to go, what to do.  Today was spa day.. love those pampering days in order to keep up a certain modicum of looks & order...... Also had a blood draw for 18 month check-up since my bariatric surgery.. does not seem that long, but apparently it was, got a letter from the doc office that I NEEDED an appointment, so am going to have to call them and do that  :0  BUT am a step ahead by getting the blood thing done.. they took ALOT too!!!
  Went to TJ Max's-found a couple tops.  The tattoo is scabbing over and itches..  looks great..haha.  But it is there, not going away, better be happy with it.
It is all black to the South and things are getting grey, we are to have some rain and thunder... The mountains were all covered with smoke this morning when I went out, that fire near Camp Sherman is not getting better and there are over 600 guys in there trying to stomp it out.... so lightening would not be a good thing, but where there is thunder guess there is lightening too..
Hope all are well... Take Care and God Bless

OOPS....  it is POURING out there right now... guess I can turn off the water for awhile  :)  smells SO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for following ramble ann's world.. How do you like La Pine? Your time sounds just the way it should be. Your flowers are lovely! I was born in Palm Springs and just had too much of the heat for too many years. Once we get things squared away and purchase a used RV we will head north to Oregon and then on to WA to see my son and his family. It will be a while.. (:

  2. Love your lily's the color are beautiful.

  3. Love those lilies. Doubt they would do well in our Arizona desert. Fortunately we have cactus that give us spectacular blooms. However, they also sometimes give us painful spines!

  4. Those lilies are always my favorites when I get bouquets of flowers. Good to know that Costco has them in bags.

    So... have we seen your tattoo? I don't remember anything about it except the trip to the tattoo parlor. :)

  5. Your lilies are just beautiful. I can see how it would be wonderful to go out everyday to see the blooms. I'll bet they smell terrific too. Would love to see a picture of your entire garden beds. I see other little flowers peeking out behind the lilies.

  6. I LOVE the lillies! Stargazers are my favorite. I had one, once upon a time. I believe the tree I planted it near ate it though. I am enjoying my little garden with cucumbers, squash, carrots, spinach, lettuce, beets, tomatoes, and kohlrabi (sp). Oh, and 2 strawberry plants.