Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yesterday & Today

 Last night we had yellow skies, a great sunset, a little rain and a rainbow!!  So cool...  See my great GRASS!!!
And Look at the next two pictures,  we have DEER!!
Geez! I was SO pissed to go out and see the leaves, GONE from the ends of the squash plants and my beautiful, pretty little strawberry bush was mostly GONE!!!

Just look at the tops of the plant!! Which is NOT there!!!  My goodness.....

Then today was Art in the Park...  and it was really ART.. the prices were so high!.  things were beautiful to be sure,  but heavens....  I liked the display of dinnerware or whatever to the left in the picture, they were so bright and cheerful.  you had to ask permission to take pictures of the ART and this little part inadvertently got in there...  nice day tho, warm not hot.. and walked all over the Old Mill Dist, so that was fun.  all the different kinds of cyclists were out all over the place, had to watch for them  :)  Carol and I did that last year and have not gotten a chance to do it again this year.
Also there was a little booth for Yumm Café and got a bowl of brown rice and black beans, tomato, avocado, cheese.. it was really good and am going to have to find out where they are in town... it was good, would be a good place for lunch with the 'ladies'

The Old Mill Dist is a neat place to go to right on the Deschutes River, this is the part Sacia and I took tubse down a couple weeks ago.  There is a huge 16 plex movie theater and lots of shopping
Plus they have kayak, paddle brd rental and the bike rental business.

Another view of the river

AND there are flowers all over the place, lots of wildflowers too, put in by the park & rec dept.  There are a couple of parks down there on either side of the river and a dog park (mainly for the large dogs, don't think I would take Luci there, she would get tromped on!!! )
This is the area where the log deck for the mill used to be, they have done a REALLY great job of rehabilitating the river and the area into a multi use area.  There are condos and a couple of high end motels, plus lots of offices up the hill from river area.
After walking about went to visit a dear friend, Doris, that I used to work with, have not seen her for 6 mos or so and we had a good, long gab.. but never got any pictures  :(  did not even think of it.. geez...

Take Care All.....

Next you will hear from me, I will be in Iowa!!!!


  1. Joe, my sister and I walked from Anthony's along the river path, clear down under the bridge and up and over the walking bridge and back to the pretty bridge where all the flags are on the other side. We saw lots of people tubing and kyaking. Love the Old Mill district and plan on going back again.

  2. Sorry about the deer, but your house and lawn both look beautiful!

  3. Could also be rabbits eating your plants. How sad either way.

    When I saw the pottery I almost jumped into the laptop. The colors are awesome. So bright and cheery hope to see colors like that at our 4th street fair this year.

    You always go to such interesting places. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. I wouldn't mind sharing with the deer or the rabbits if they didn't want to take it all!