Friday, September 27, 2013


Made another baby afghan... such is the state of my activity  :)
 oh, I do lots of putzing... cleaned off my craft table today and went thru things to give away, punches and scissors.  The ink pads that are no longer used are pretty much dried out and no longer any good.  Can't believe the amount of money I have in all of this 'stuff'.. was I crazy?  Of course did not get everything all at once, but over a period of 10 years, still, one can imagine I could have supported a small foreign country!!!  A friend is trying to get in touch with the Boys & Girls Club to see if they would like a donation of crafting supplies.  Feel that would be a good home for it all.  Hope that works out.  I even had duplicates of some things// really???  At least I am consistent and always like the same things  :)
Made a GOOD stew yesterday.. Brian really liked it, had LOTS of different mushrooms in it and 2 bottles of amber ale, leeks, thyme, allspice.  A little different flavors melded together into yumminess.. Was even good the 2nd day.
That is it around here, still grey skies.... dogs in &

Take Care safe


  1. Just think, Loree, you might have had a hobby like golfing, or something, that would have cost even more money! :)

  2. If you enjoyed your crafts then it is money well spent. Good idea about donating though. I have been thinking the same thing...need to get rid of some of the craft items I no longer use. Rain here today too.

  3. Yum. I love a good stew and as you, have discovered that a good dark ale makes a great addition. So much "stuff". I have finally almost finished going through my friend's "stuff" I had in storage. A lifetime, donated, gifted, and sadly, when we pass, a lot of it ends up in the landfill. Breaks my heart. It is good to get rid of it beforehand. Good for you!

  4. Creative juices flow in their own time! At the time you were obviously using most of that stuff! Have fun sorting.

  5. This fall I finally have enough space to take my card-making supplies (well, some of them!) with me. I have WAY too many supplies in storage. But I think I have a way to get rid of some now. We will have a scrapbook class at the Jellystone park we're at this fall. I'm thinking I'll be able to sell some of the sheets. Hurray!