Tuesday, September 3, 2013

As Far As Kansas

 This was the Mississippi River this morning as we were leaving..  about 7a

 Loved the colors and calmness

 And the steam coming off the water...

 Here we are in Kansas... West of the Missouri River. THAT is a huge river also.... Carol was all excited as these are the 1st hills she has seen in like forever!!!!  Everything being pretty flat and rolly in Iowa  :)
 We got just south of Leavenworth today,  made pretty good time I thought, saw three states...  took 36 across Missouri and not much there but farmland...... not very many towns even, of any size to speak of

This place was a going concern at one time, I am sure  6 bays!!!
Tomorrow on to Wichita and Dodge City
Take care All


  1. Sheesh! you're in my neck of the woods. I live in a suburb of KC. Yep...lots of farmland around here, but, there's lots of interesting things to see. Just gotta know where to look. Have fun in Ks and keep us posted. Fun!