Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The yard and flowers are heading towards dormancy, as am I.... Truly do like the  fall colors and being Thankful. (Halloween, not so much.. and don't like those scary pumpkin faces) Xmas has a certain nostalgia and prettiness to it.  There is also the Birth of Jesus thing, 'Jesus is the Reason For the Season' and religious ceremony.  When I go to church I love the consistency of the service, knowing what to expect and that it is always there, the same, comforting..
BUT saying all of that, have always had a hard time with this time of year and the long slog into Winter and the coldness and dreariness/grayness, sameness of the days.  Try to ramp it up, change things, make there be something to look forward to... Spring..... which seems such a long ways away, since this period has barely started at this point.  We have had grey days, some rain... some black skies.... snowboarders/skiers are excited as there has been snow in the mountains..  Of course you can't see that yet as it is all cloud covered....  NOW that is something to see, the first snow on the distant mountains.....  Supposed to get some SUN by the week end.  Do you think I will last that long  :)
Take Care All & God Bless

Oops...raining again, just pouring off the roof.....


  1. I didn't have too much trouble with fall, it was so pretty but when they switch the time again and make the days WAY shorter over night then I had a lot of trouble and sort of drug myself through untl spring. That's why I retired early and got an RV so I can follow the sun at least somewhat. I know you'll make it but I sympathize with how long it seems.

  2. Ah yes, Loree, it is that season shifting thing and the long winter ahead that makes the gorgeous fall days a bit less so. We had a lot of rain here as well, and today it is cold clear and windy. Snow at Crater Lake. Too cold to kayak so I guess we will also have to wait for spring to get you here in a boat with us!

  3. Take a cruise during the holidays. or go somewhere fun. go play in Vegas... lol.

    I'm not a holiday person... but I enjoy this time of year. I like being alone on holidays... weird ain't I ;)