Thursday, September 19, 2013

Echinacea Gone Crazy

This was in Sisters... echinacea gone crazy, never saw one that had petals out of the top before...

Tomorrow is garbage day...sooooo, had to pick up the doggie bombs in back yard and do yard work as it is one of the last times for the yard debris pick-up and I have that sucker FULL!!! Even had to use as AX to chop up one of those HUGE sunflowers that was past its prime  :)  feel there is only so long they look ok and the birds had gotten all of the seeds out of the very large head/flower part, so no reason to leave it there to die/wilt.....
I LIKE doing yard work, there is such a feeling of accomplishment and things just look nicer all cut/trimmed/weeded/swept/watered...

People have asked about the doggies, both are doing very well, were ecstatic to have me home and have been following me around as if I am going to walk out the door and never come back...which I am sure that is what they thought had happened.. Carol & Carl bonded, he even slept in the bedroom with her, much to Brian's concern, but think it had something to do with the fan being in there too, he does LOVE the fan.. lays down right smack in front of it.....

  Today they wanted out with me, then when I would go to the front yard, where they can't get to, they bark and carry on like it is the end of the world so put them in the house, then I go back out, then they start all over inside the house, they want out..  really???  in/out, yes/no.. over n over....  such fun.. I am weary
BUT I had a good day working in the yard, doing my 'thing'
Take Care All & God Bless


  1. jeeeeez that's a beautiful posey...

  2. Hey Loree,
    Shoot me an e-mail, when you have time, I need to ask you some questions about the the National Parks you visited as we are headed there.

  3. The picture of the flower is great, but the description of the "doggy bombs" was hilarious.